Saturday, June 28, 2008

wats new pussy cat

well were do i start one of my best friends went out to vegas for 7 weeks but only lasted 3.5 weeks he really got some of the worst bad beats .
i have still some of his texts on my phone there is some good reading there haha felt really sry for him when things go wrong they really do .
collected him last monday and he went in to the macou tues night for the sat for big tourie in aug he won this last year . well first hd he gets AA and lose all his chips to some muppet with 4 7 who calls him down to river to get 2 pair on river .

another kind of friend of mine is over in vegas at moment he came 5th in one of the wsop touries congratsa to him . like the guy even if he tell mes he is going to thump me next time he meets me haha dont know were he get his army but like the cocky git .he does a vg blog which i like . he seems to be a honest guy wish him the best there . himse;lf and big al get on well haha .

well poker wise have not done a lot live lately went to tramore played like a muppet and was over run by the young guns there . never got going really and was on the back foot from the start . last night in went in to the macou for there monthly tourie played a lot better there still did not reach the money but when people call for middle pin and get it there nothing u can do . but i was a lot happier with my play and started to belive in my game again after a lot of shit play really from me .

will miss vegas this year pity really loved it there last year but no money no fun as they say .

Sunday, April 27, 2008

wats new

well been playing very little lately having getting such a bad beat online i started to think that the guy must be able to see my cards to make those calls on all streets .

i started to play a bit more live and enjoying it started with the league final for my buddy to win it big al with whom i had 15% of him nice even if he did knock me out .

i played this months 250 in the macou been short stacked all tourie i still made final table which was nice getting knocked first when my AJ S V 77 did not improved and able to give al back some of the 15% haha not at moch as wat he gave me but better than nothing i suppose .

on the online note i sometimes wonder how some of these people call with wat they have .is there really some thing that they use to see your cards ? or is it really just our sorry minds thinking up some excuse to there bad play ? really i love to know .i seen a lot of posts about this online so there must be some truth in it or is there ?

going to play the 500k on poker stars today for the first time in years hope for some result in this would do my bank roll good haha but like all these touries with 3k people playing u need a lot of luck .

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

poor old man lol me i love my life

just put in a reply to friends blog for some ass hole to call me names next .lol will they ever get a life i wonder .
they say that i should get a life and stop trouling the web well they must be worse than me if everytime i write something they always leave a answer ?
now whos the ones that are trouling the web more me or them ?
would not mind it if they stood up and put there name befor it but i suppose they like to hide behind the anoumous name.

as for poker well played in the macou that last few nights even though i did not win anything i played well to be rivered 3 times with the winning hd everytime i got my money in .

for that alone im happy with my play and the outdraws will come my way soon

Monday, March 24, 2008


played in macou touries last few weeks but to no good .might be just me or is it im thinking to much for my other players .got the usual im behind but i got to call u stuff .pity some players cant lay hds down .on a other note a friend of mine was playing in dublin this weekend making a nice killing there in cash but a bit ul in touries . ppp poker had to put up 200k in the irish open i think its about time they readjust there buy ins they might get more players then and make there guartes on there touries .

Friday, March 07, 2008

been a while

its been a while since i posted here but thought after looking at a few blogs tonight i need to add to my own .
well its been 8 mths since i came back from vegas feeling good about my game and started well on line . i was up each month till xmas which paid my bills and i have a few .

then the big busto came xmas week chasing losses and playing a game to big for my bank balance could afford . work then fizz out which did not help and i just stopped playing .

i played the macou end of month last weekend which turned into a crap shoot as they were having a sat the next day for the irish open . well i could not get over starting stack before the break and had to lay hds down to reraises .
after the break i got a few good hds and double up to 27k when a few hds later i get AK HEARTS and raised with same to be reraised allin from a player who just came to table with a huge stack and who i know would do same with a wide range of hds so i decided to go with my hd and would not be to far behind with him . it ended up his JJ V AK and a low board put me out of tourie but i felt to win this i had to gamble to get chips as the crap shoot it turned out to be .

im going to start back playing more live again as im finding online a bit of a donkey lately .it might be me but the hds people are calling with they must be looking over my shoulder seening my cards to call .

Sunday, July 22, 2007

in good old ireland again

well im back a full week now done nothing but play on paddy powers had a few good days and then lose again .good to see nothing change haha.but ended up2k plus for the week .

it took me the full week to get my body back to normal after 2 weeks of drinking in vegas as i dont go to our irish pubs a lot since the smoking ban here .as for my 2 weeks in vegas well what a experince it gave me more joy about my game than anything else .

it showed me that with a bit of luck i could play with the best there and i will be going back next year for more .i will be updating my blog on a less frequent as i did in vegas but i will after big touries i will play in this year .next one will be connies one in kerry .so gl to everyone who lookup my blog in your own poker play and hope to meet ye in some live game for a chat.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

leaving vegas

well i got only 14hrs to go before i go back to good old ireland and the nitty gritty of home but i think i will like to get back to the old firma tirma really while its been great been here i dont think i could live this life style for too long .

Been in vegas for the first time was great just living the dream of playing in the greatest tourie thats there was great and getting passed the first day even better but i think that once a year is enough to be here .u get pretty bored after to long unless u do other things than poker here

Which is why if i do come here next year i wil do things a bit different i think . there are plenty of shows to go to .grand canon to see and loads of other stuff u can find to do.

if some one does decide to come here for 2 to 4 weeks next year i do think u should make plans to try other things here otherwise u get fed up of it all quick . u can only play so much poker and u do need a break from it sometimes .

well i do hope to get back here next year and will be starting the build my vegas fund as soon as i go back .well this has been fun doing and i will be keeping this blog up .till the next post which will be from good old ireland gl in all your poker plays and may the cards be good to ye all